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Silicone Pacifier / Dummy Clip
– Peach & Stone


Silicone Pacifier / Dummy Clip
– Peach & Stone

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  • Versatile Design: Infatot Silicone Dummy Clips come in packs of two with distinct, vibrant colors, offering a perfect fit for both ‘Dummy Clip Boys’ and ‘Dummy Clips Girl’
  • UV Treated: Each silicone dummy clip is treated with UV light to repel dust, fluff, and dirt, ensuring your baby’s dummy stays clean and safe no matter where you are.
  • Universal Compatibility: Our Silicone Dummy Clips are designed to fit most brands and styles of dummies and soothers, providing a secure, easy-to-attach link between your baby’s dummy and clothing to prevent the dummy from being lost or dropped.
  • Material Choices: While our silicone version offers durability and easy-care, we also provide stylish cotton variants, allowing parents to choose what suits their babies best.
  • Improved Hygiene: Say goodbye to the days of constantly replacing lost or dirty dummies. With our dummy straps, your baby’s pacifier will always be clean, close, and ready for use.


Introducing the Infatot Silicone Dummy Clip, the ideal accessory for your little ones’ dummies. These dummy clips are the perfect blend of style, practicality, and safety.

Each pack of Infatot Silicone Dummy Clip contains two distinctively designed dummy clips, available in a variety of vibrant colors. From soft pastels perfect for your ‘Dummy Clips Girl’ to bold and bright colors perfect for your ‘Dummy Clip Boys’, we’ve got you covered. There are five pairs to choose from, so you can easily match the clips with your baby’s outfits or mood.

Our Silicone Dummy Clips not only ensure that your baby’s dummy stays in place but they also shine in the hygiene department. Each silicone dummy clip is UV treated, a unique feature designed to repel dust, fluff, and dirt. This means your baby’s dummy clip remains clean and safe, no matter where you go.