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Infatot Plagiocephaly Flat Head Pillow

Infatot Plagiocephaly Flat Head Pillow


The Infatot flat head pillow helps prevent and treat Plagiocephaly (commonly known as Flat Head Syndrome). It can be used in carrycots, car seats, prams, and bouncers as a newborn pillow to prevent flat head or to correct and reshape your baby’s head if condition is already present.

Comes with :
1 Memory Foam Pillow
2 Super Soft Pillowcases
Zipper carry bag


Enjoy the convenience of machine-washing the pillowcase at 30° every time it gets dirty (and this will happen very often!)
Simply place your baby’s head in the center of the pillow and it will soon become natural for them to stay nice and straight.
Soft, firm and with varying levels of thickness, depending on the area, all help it to combat flat head syndrome in little heads.

  • Prevents and treats Positional Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)
  • Made from high quality Memory Foam
  • Keeps baby’s head straight and positioned correctly, thanks to its central indent
  • Recommended and used by osteopaths and paediatricians

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